Facts About the Education in Canada

Canada Education

The public sector of the government provides education in Canada, which is funded by both federal and local government. English and French are the primary median language for learning in the country. Moreover, 5.4 % of GDP is separately allocated for the Education purpose. As of 2019, Canada has achieved 99% literacy. Finally, more than 80% of people secured Secondary diploma, and 53% of people achieved Post-secondary diploma degree.

The entire system of education in Canada is controlled by Provincially. Education has been made mandatory upto 16 age in most of the Canadian provinces. For Ontario, New Brunswick, and Manitoba, the age of compulsory education is 18.

Standard working days for school in Canada is 190 days starting from September to June. In the British Columbia province, the school has only 174 working days.

The type of Education in Canada is Elementary, intermediate, secondary, and post-secondary learning. The school courses are publicly funded for every adult in Canada. In terms of a college degree, Canadians rank first in the world. The education system of Canada allows an international student to secure a degree and can become a permanent resident.

Apart from English and French, a student can learn the indigenous languages in the form of arts, culture, and crafts. In Schools, the subjects are related to communications, science, maths, and skills. The primary academic achievement for a student is happy and socially correct.

Generally, a child starts education at the age of five and completes grade 12 by the age of 17. The pre-primary education program will be available in most of the province by 2020. Later, the student can pursue the secondary-school diploma and post-secondary studies. All the Intermediate, primary, and secondary education comes under or referred to as K-12.

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